Water Splash Photography Art

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Water Splash Photography Art

I have written this to share my experiences with Water Splash Art. I have tried many methods of doing this and experimented with different ways of discharging the droplets. In this article, I will explain the three methods I have tried, later on, the main thing is to enjoy, it’s fun, and be patient, it took me a while and I am still learning and I intend to go further. This is how I set it up I will try to tell you as simply as I can.

Getting Started

First, you will require a small table, on the table put a glass bowl to catch overflow water. In the center of the glass bowl put a glass flute with the smallest opening you can find. The smallest will give you a bigger splash. Set it up in a place you can darken as you will be using Flash. You might also put up a backdrop to give effect to the image.

Camera Settings

Now, set up your camera on a tripod, and set up the camera as follows.

1) Switch the lens to Manual focus, the reason is you need to focus the lens on the center of the glass, do this by holding something in the glass and focusing in on it.

2) Set the Camera to RAW as you will convert it to JPEG at the editing stage. We do this to get a better and sharper image come editing.

3) Set the Camera to F18 to get the depth of field. The exposure will be longer than the flash duration but that does not matter you will get a good sharp image.

4) Plug the shutter release remote into the Camera.

5) Fit flash.

Water Droplet Method

Next set up the method of dropping the water. The three possible methods are:

1) purchase a Pluto trigger which is expensive and complicated.

2) purchase a large syringe from eBay I tried it first it does work. You will master it practice makes perfect, you hold it about 2ft above the glass and manually operate the syringe to release droplets.

3) I purchased a Pluto trigger valve that will release the droplets by touching a button. I found this to be the best way. I set mine up on another tripod as set it up so it hangs over the center of the glass.

Water Splash Photography Art

Ready to Shoot Water Splash Art

Now you are ready to try it out you need to practice and timing. Switch it all on, and check the droplets fall in the center of the glass, the higher it is the bigger the splash. Now when you release the water droplets and when it reaches the glass press the camera remote. You will get there it’s fun.

When you edit the images you have to convert to JPEG, then enlarge and crop the images so you just see the splash or whatever you like to see. Then do a Colour correction and adjust the contrast to your taste. Good luck and enjoy.

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