Fine Art Prints

I offer a range of Fine Art Prints which will be delivered directly to you from my print supplier in Glasgow, Scotland. I am a wildlife photographer based in Argyll, Scotland, and am proud to be affiliated with the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF), noting that all of my otter-related sales; 50% of profits are donated to this worthy charity.

All of my wildlife photographs are in Scotland. My work is conducted in a way that is non-disruptive to animals’ habitats, and behaviors. I do not use of artificial lures such as live baiting. If you are a charity or similar organization and interested in partnerships, then please get in touch, as I am always happy to donate a portion of my profit to charitable causes.

Photography Books

I offer a selection of books supporting the post-processing of images in Lightroom & Photoshop across various genres of photography.

Fix It In Photoshop

(2022 VERSION)

Fix It In Photoshop

The concept of this book is a reference guide to help you when you get stuck remembering how to do something in Photoshop and to give inspiration on what method and/or settings to use for a particular task.

My assumption is that the reader is already up to speed with Photoshop’s general layout, and the location of the various tools, effects, filters, etc; but might sometimes need a memory jog on how to achieve a specific task. If this is you, then my ‘Fix It In Photoshop’ will be an ideal companion to your workflow, as you can jump into the book up as a quick reference guide. 

The book is designed as a go-to quick reference source as opposed to a manual. In this way it will get you up to speed If you do choose to read cover to cover, then everything is grouped logically, so you will certainly pick up lots of great tips on using Photoshop. The nature of Photoshop means that there are often multiple ways to achieve the same goal or aim. In these cases, to avoid overcomplicating things, I have highlighted only the one or maximum of two tried and tested methods that I use in my work. As an example, look up the term ‘sharpening in Photoshop’ on any internet search engine, and you are sure to get multiple methods. Some of these will likely leave you thinking that you need a Ph.D. in computer science to perform even this basic task. However, in this book, I will just give you foolproof methods that work 100% of the time, and that doesn’t need any advanced photoshop knowledge. 

Many of the ‘Fix It’ answers needed only very simple answers. However, some of the questions answered in the book are a little more complex, and in these cases, I have included a brief step-by-step guide to get you on the right track.

Available in eBook, Paperback & Hardback from the following retailers:

Adobe Photoshop the Photographers Guide

(2022 VERSION)

Adobe Photoshop The Photographers Guide

Photographers seeking to get up to speed with all the features Adobe Photoshop offers for the digital darkroom enthusiast choose Adobe Photoshop The Photographers Guide. The 34 guided workflows take you step-by-step through the techniques needed to create great images, including: 

First Steps: To get you quickly up to speed with the basic layout of the Adobe Photoshop interface, how to tailor it for your workflow, and the most frequently used tools. 

A Foundation In Isolation Techniques: Being able to isolate elements of your image is fundamental to enable the selective application of effects and for compositing. You will learn the various techniques so that you have multiple methods in your creative arsenal. 

A Foundation in Layers: You will learn how to use the many cool features on offer in Adobe Photoshop to help you blend and manipulate images. 

Image Repair & Restoration: From minor dust and scratch removal to more extensive editing, you will learn all the tools and techniques available. 

A Foundation in Masking: Learn how to non-destructively manipulate your images using masks and blend modes for creative effect. 

Working With Filters & Effects: How to work smartly with the many filters and effects that are on offer with Adobe Photoshop, including the foundations to image post-processing, as well as extensive material on how to understand and work with the powerful Curves Adjustment Tool to manipulate light and color. This section of the book is also where all the learning goals in the rest of the book really start to integrate together. 

Included with the book is access to an online resource area so that you can download many of the images used in the guided workflows.

Available in eBook, Paperback & Hardback from the following retailers:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic
The Ultimate Guide

(2021 VERSION)

Adobe Lightroom Classic The Ultimate Guide

For many photographers, Adobe Lightroom Classic is the digital darkroom software of choice. With state-of-the-art capability that keeps growing and developing every year, Lightroom is the gold standard for photo-processing and is equally able to support individual or organizational needs. Once you are familiar with the toolset, the software starts to feel like second nature, with everything logically organized and grouped to support an efficient workflow. 

However, getting to this point involves a learning curve! This Ultimate Guide to Lightroom Classic contains details on how to use all the major features of this revolutionary software editing suite. Written by a photographer, the guide is fully illustrated and with multiple worked examples. You will learn about: 

– How to manage your library of images, including import, export, watermarking, using and managing metadata, and other general configuration options. 

– How to use all of the development tools in the Lightroom ecosystem, complete with guided examples. 

– Setting up and using presets to optimize your workflow.

– Using powerful local adjustment tools like gradients and brushes; with guided examples. 

– Complete end-to-end photo post-processing workflows across different genres of photography. 

The guide is written in clear English and includes author insights on some of the strengths and weaknesses of the various tools. Available in eBook, Paperback & Hardback from the following retailers:

Luminar AI – The Ultimate Guide

Luminar AI The Ultimate Guide

Luminar AI is a new industry benchmark for the next generation of photographic creative tools. The Ultimate Guide to Luminar AI contains details on all the major features of this revolutionary software editing tool. This fully illustrated guide includes multiple worked examples; to step you through the digital darkroom process. 

Further, you will find descriptions and explanations of every slider and control in all the Luminar AI editing tools. Written in clear English, the book includes author insights on some of the strengths, as well as some weaknesses of the various tools. 

By design, Luminar AI offers its users a refined digital darkroom experience. Also, the press really is to be believed; Luminar AI makes photo editing easy and fun. Despite this, there is a surprising amount of complexity to the various editing tools. Consequently, having a guide as a memory jog is indispensable, particularly to remind yourself of some of the lesser-used tools available in the Luminar AI ecosystem.

The 2nd Edition of this popular book builds on 1st Edition by bringing the book up to date with the latest Luminar AI software release. Additionally, the author has introduced extensive fresh content on ‘Powering Up Your Workflow’ as well as complete end-to-end ‘Guided Workflows’ in Nature, Landscape and Black & White post processing.

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