Photographers Guide – How To Whiten Teeth In Adobe Photoshop

David Coultham

If this works on this model, then it’s going to work anywhere right? Here is how to achieve pearly white teeth in Adobe Photoshop.

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Video | How To Whiten Teeth In Adobe Photoshop

STEP 1: With your image opened in Photoshop, head to the Layers Panel, and select ‘Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer’ and ‘Hue/Saturation’. In the properties panel, set the Mode from Master to Yellow, drop the Saturation slider right down and increase the Lightness slider.

STEP 2: Select the White Mask in the Hue Saturation Layer, then press Command I (on a Mac) or Control I (on a PC) to invert the Mask.

STEP 3: Grab a medium sized brush using the Brush Tool with a Soft Edge. Set the Flow to about 20%. Using the Color Picker, make sure you have selected the color White. Now paint onto the teeth in the areas you need to whiten. Try to avoid the gums when you are doing this. If your brush strokes do bleed over, then select a black brush to tidy up the areas.

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